About us


Lucchi and Guastalli was founded in 1995 by Marco Lucchi (agronomist and expert on olive oils techniques). The company was born as an oil farm producer located in Santo Stefano di Magra, in the heart of Lower Lunigiana. Lucchi and Guastalli has been the very first company to produce and sell DOP (Denominazione di origine protetta) OIL “Riviera Ligure”. In 2002 the company acquired an oil mill, built on the ruins of an ancient mill, located near the route of the Via Francigena. In 2006, the plant has been completely renovated and it is now able to ensure the highest quality in oil producing using environment friendly technologies. Today the company employs 6 yearly and 3 seasonal employees and has an average annual production of about 90,000 bottles. Lucchi and Guastalli sells its products both on the Italian and the foreign market. The company is home of educational activities on olive oil, such as training courses for tasters, oil tastings and guided tours of the olive cultivation and of the production plant, conducted by Marco Lucchi, expert taster and panel leader of the tasting committee APOL of Genoa.

The farm covers about 10 hectares distributed between the Low Lunigiana and the Gulf of La Spezia. The olive trees, mainly of Razzola varieties, are of ancient origin and placed on the typical Ligurian terraced hillsides. The company adopts integrated pest management techniques using organic methods.


The Razzola olive tree is the main variety of DOP Riviera Ligure and it is cultivated in the province of La Spezia. This plant has a friendly deportment, it is docile to pruning, self-fertile and of constant productivity, if taken care of with regularity. The fruit is medium in size and characterized by long maturation time. The oil made from it – its perfect time for harvesting is between late October and mid-November – is characterized by a fruity green type, sweet on the palate with medium spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste, enhanced by sensory notes of artichoke and herbs.

The Lucchi and Guastalli oil mill uses a continuous system with 2 stages, characterized by a rational management of waste. It is the first in Liguria that does not produce waste from its production cycle. After the defoliation, a double washing of the olives is carried out with running water. The olive’s crush is carried out with a hammer crusher with double grid.  The cold working is accomplished through the kneading at a reduced rate of oxygen.  The centrifugal extraction is achieved without dilution with water so as to preserve to the maximum the antioxidants and aromatic substances contained in the oil. After the extraction, the olive seeds are recovered, re-used as ecological fuel for heating water, while the pomace is used for the production of electricity from biogas plants.
We are proud to say, without any doubt, that this is truly and deeply a “green oil mill”.

Lucchi and Guastalli produces different types of oils, starting from Italian varieties of high value, valorized as monocultivar, both conventional and organic, or as unique, original “olivaggi” (it means “cuts” of different varieties in the right proportion), always chosen and manufactured by Marco Lucchi with the aim to provide original products that match well with different types of dishes.