Cold-pressed Italian extra virgin olive oil from organic farming. Lucchi e Guastalli produces its organic extra virgin olive oil from the finest Italian varieties, chosen year after year according to the best climatic and production conditions, such as Taggiasca, Frantoio, Leccino, Razzola, Gentile, Peranzana and Biancolilla, grown without the use of fertilizers chemicals and pesticides.
The organic processing in the mill takes place according to separate calendars and procedures, in order to ensure the absence of contamination and respect for the environment. The mill operates with maximum water savings and without the production of oil waste, starting the residual biomass for energy recovery.
It has a medium fruity herbaceous type, delicate taste, a herbaceous aftertaste of tomato and lettuce, light bitter and spicy.
Suitable for all dishes, especially fish and white meats, seafood and land salads.

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