The Lucchi e Guastalli company has chosen, from the very beginning, to link its history to the enhancement of the native olive of the Val di Magra, known locally as the Razzola olive. The harvest, in the company land, takes place mainly in October, as soon as the fruits begin to change color; within 12 hours of harvesting the olives are taken to the mill and cold worked.
Golden yellow in color with green reflections, the nose is rich in vegetal notes of artichoke, lettuce and balsamic hints of rosemary and medicinal herbs. The taste is broad and complex, with tones of artichoke, almond and vanilla. Bitter and spicy are in great balance, contained and harmonious.
It fits perfectly with seafood salads, steamed shellfish, grilled fish, baked white meats and fresh cheeses. Ideal for the preparation of Mesciùa, the typical soup of La Spezia cuisine, based on spelled and legumes.

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