Eco-Friendly Mill
The ecological crusher and olive growing in Liguria: two thousand years of history.
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The Lucchi e Guastalli oil mill uses a modern two-phase water-saving continuous system.
It is the first oil mill in Liguria that does not produce waste from its production cycle.
In fact, clean and renewable energy is obtained from the residual biomass: the wood seeds are recovered as ecological fuel for heating the water used in the company, while the pomace is used for the production of electricity at the biogas production plants.


The production cycle:
after separation from the leaves, the olives are subjected to a double washing with running water and ground with a hammer crusher with double grill. The processing takes place cold with closed malaxers with reduced oxygen exchange.
Centrifugal extraction is obtained without dilution with water in order to fully preserve the antioxidant and aromatic substances contained in the oil.

We are proud to affirm, without any doubt, that this is truly and profoundly an “ECOLOGICAL MILL”.

Extravirgin Oil Monocultivar - DOP

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Premio Levi 2019
Lucchi & Guastalli vince il Premio Leivi 2019 con la Razzola olio DOP Riviera Ligure-Riviera di Levante​
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