Educational Mill


The mill uses a continuous plant to 2 phases, characterized by a rational management of the water and the first in Liguria not to produce waste deriving from its production cycle.
After the defoliation and the deramificazione, a double washing of the olives is carried out with running water. The pressing is carried out with hammer crusher double grid. The cold working is carried out, in kneaders at a reduced rate of oxygen. The centrifugal extraction is carried out without dilution with water in order to preserve to the maximum antioxidants and aromatic substances contained in the oil.
After extraction of the peanut oil is recovered, reused as ecological fuel for heating water while the pomace is intended for the production of electrical energy at biogas plants. You can talk with ecological mill reason.



The company covers approximately 10 hectares in expansion, distributed between the low Lunigiana and the Gulf of La Spezia. The olive trees, mainly Razzola varieties, are of ancient origin and placed in the terraced hillsides. The company applies techniques with integrated pest management and organic farming methods.


The Lucchi and Guastalli produces different types of oils, starting from Italian variety of high quality, enhanced or as monocultivar, both conventional and organic, or as unpublished olivaggi, manufactured by Marco Lucchi with the aim to combine the different varieties in the right proportion for provide original products suitable for different types of dishes.



The Razzola oil is the main variety of DOP Riviera Ligure cultivated in the province of La Spezia. The plant has friendly demeanor, gentle pruning, self-fertile and constant productivity, if taken care of regularly. The fruit is medium in size and characterized by a long maturation scalar. The oil made from it (the ideal time for harvesting is between late October and mid-November) is characterized by fruity medium green kind, sweet on the palate with medium spicy and slightly bitter aftertaste, enhanced by sensory notes of artichoke and herbs aromatic.

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