Ligurian Croxetti

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In the Renaissance the noble families of the time they ordered their chefs to create a type of pasta, which would contain its own coat of arms.
The purpose was to remind diners of the importance of their family and its dominance over the territory.
The incisions were different on the two sides.
The name comes from the image of a small stylized cross, cruxetta with which it was originally decorated one side of these medallions, hence the name cruxettu.


durum wheat semolina


 They are excellent served with walnut sauce, sauce with mushrooms (Tocco de funzi) and also with pesto

Cooking time: 10 min

Traditional Recipe: Corzetti Val Polcevera

Coarsely pounded the pine nuts in a mortar and chopped marjoram together with a clove of garlic.
Melt the butter and pour over just drained corzetti. Complete sprinkle the pasta with pine nuts, chopped garlic and marjoram and grated Parmesan

Ligurian Croxetti

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