Monocultivar Organic Taggiasca Olive Oil 250ml

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Produced from 100% Taggiasca olives, harvested in November, at medium veraison, from organic olive groves of Canaiella, on the heights of the immediate Savona hinterland. Organic processing in the mill takes place according to separate calendars and procedures, in order to ensure the absence of contamination and respect for the environment. The mill operates with maximum water savings and without the production of oil waste, starting the residual biomass for energy recovery.
It has a light green fruitiness, with a prevalent sweet sensation and an aftertaste of almond and medicinal herbs. Bitter and spicy are definitely light.
Suitable for the preparation of steamed fish, Pesto Genovese

Monocultivar Organic Taggiasca Olive Oil 250ml

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