Taggiasche olives pitted in envelope 350g

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The typical Taggiasca olive, with an average small size but never homogeneous, very fleshy, dark brown in color but with varying shades from green to purple to black, is a rare and precious variety, which represents Liguria and identifies itself with it.
The ancient traditional processing is characterized by the slow natural maturation in water and salt for at least 5 months, without the use of soda or potash. This slow process attenuates the bitter taste without affecting the characteristic taste of the variety, typical of sweet and aromatic olives. The addition of Ligurian herbs enriches the bouquet making it unique and inimitable.
It has an extremely versatile use, from aperitifs to the preparation of sauces for first courses and as a characterizing ingredient of meat and fish main courses.
Ingredients: Taggiasca olives, water, salt, aromatic herbs

Taggiasche olives pitted in envelope 350g

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