Terre di Marta – White Wine

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Harvest and vinification: the grapes mainly Vermentino, Albarola and Durella are harvested by hand in boxes selecting the best bunches, then transported to the cellar where a further selection of the bunches is carried out which, mechanically de-stemmed, begin fermentation in steel in contact with the skins to extract all the aromatic richness and flavor. After 36 hours from the start of fermentation, the must is drawn off and fermentation proceeds at a low temperature. The wine obtained is aged in concrete tanks for seven months in contact with its own yeasts until bottling.
Tasting notes: the nose is manifested by white flowers, pink grapefruit, pear and Mediterranean scrub to compose a vertical and elegant fragrant range which is confirmed in the mineral closure. On the palate the gustatory dynamics moves in the harmonious groove of freshness and pleasantness, the return of flowers and white fruit define the texture in the finish of citrusy persistence.
Pairings: Terre di Marta Bianco goes perfectly with marinated anchovies, stuffed gulf muscles and fried fish, but does not disdain to accompany a plate of mesciua.

Terre di Marta – White Wine


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