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The Ligurian and Lunigianese territory has a very long historical tradition (since the Roman ages) in olive’s planting, and LUCCHI&GUASTALLI offers to visitors the rare opportunity to know closely the production process of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The LUCCHI&GUASTALLI Company is located in Santo Stefano Magra, in La Spezia area, on the route of the ancient Via Francigena, in the middle of Lower Lunigiana. The company is close to famous touristic destinations, such as the Cinque Terre, Lerici, Portovenere and Versilia; it is also near to interesting medieval towns like Sarzana.

- The DOP Ligurian olive grove -

The olive grove is just a few minutes from the mill. The olive trees mostly belong to the local variety called “Razzola”; the trees are placed in terraced terrains, which is the typical Ligurian way of plantation.
Here Marco Lucchi, the owner, could explain the different stages of olive trees cultivation, and describe the phytosanitary defense techniques, including organic farming methods.

- The “ecological”oil mill -

The mill, located a short distance from the olive groves, lies near the ancient “Via Francigena”. During the visit to the plant, are described both the different stages of oil production, and the low environmental impact technologies that are used in the mill.
The LUCCHI&GUASTALLI oil mill uses a 2-step continuous plant, which is characterized by rational water management: the plant has been the first in Liguria, to introduce a new production cycle, that don’t produce waste. Olive’s kernel is recovered as ecological fuel and reused for water heating, while the “sansa” is sent to biogas plants, where it is used to produce electricity.

- The footages -

In the multimedia room, it is possible to watch some short footages about olive harvest and mill process, thus attending to the whole production cycle.

- Practical lesson about oil tasting technique -

Dr. Marco Lucchi, lead panel at the Apol Tasting Commission in Genoa, will teach us the secrets of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, through a tasting technique lesson. Different products are compared, to learn to distinguish a real quality olive oil from a poor quality oil, or a new oil from an old one, and so on.

- Tastings -

At the end of the visit, our Company offers you a tasting of its Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and other typical Liguria products, such as Testaroli seasoned with Pesto Genovese, or different types of “Bruschetta” (bread) accompanied by typical Ligurian sauces. We’ll end with a glass of excellent Vermentino DOC wine.
The mill has a point sale.

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